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My goal is to photograph your unique story in the most organic way possible with a fine art approach. Your heirloom portfolio will take you back to each specific moment of your wedding day, from the smallest details to the raw emotional moments. I want you to remember the joy of family and friends coming together, the belly aching laughs, the tears, the butterflies you had before walking down the aisle, and all the small details.

style, Heart + Soul

For me, photography isn’t just about story telling and connection, but it’s also about style, heart, and soul.

Style is a part of who I am. Growing up in Manhattan, NY I was surrounded by fashion and design. My mother worked for Ford Models and she was also an interior designer. She had a sophisticated approach to everything she did and this is something I will always admire about her. I aim to provide a stylized approach to all of my wedding work, as I want some of your photographs to feel like art and that they could be hung on the walls of your home. 

Heart is where I find grace. These are the moments that can test patience and character. I try to live and work with heart in everything I do. To me, heart is about finding peace among the chaos. It’s about finding love in everything and joy in the simplest things.

Soul embodies the vulnerable, real moments of life where nothing else matters other than community, compassion, and love. This is the gut of my work and it’s where the real and overwhelmingly raw emotional moments live.