Photographic Style and Wedding Day Approach

Hey Everyone! 

My clients tell me that they're drawn to my work because it's real, romantic, candid, adventurous, and they like the focus on Mother Nature and landscapes, so I wanted to give you more insight into my photographic style and wedding day approach. 



Natural. Romantic. Editorial. Adventurous.

Someone once told me to pick four words that describe my photographic style, so I did. Natural. Romantic. Editorial. Adventurous. These four words also describe my brand. I do not like overly staged photographs. I keep my style natural, but I love capturing editorial looking shots of my clients as well.  The editorial shots are the more romantic ones, while the natural shots tend to be more adventurous.

I don’t like overly staged photographs because it takes away from the authenticity of your wedding day. I also think overly staged photographs are cheesy, but I will pose you and your fiancé in natural ways to capture the beauty of your relationship.


It’s your day and I want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

I want my clients to have fun, relax, and be themselves. Everything else is the responsibility of the professional vendors organizing the wedding. I like to connect with my couples, not just because it’s easier to photograph people you feel comfortable around, but because I gain new, long-lasting friendships. Many of my clients are my friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also love event planning and production so you can be certain that I’ll be by your side for advice as your plan the rest of you wedding.



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