I’m a fine art wedding photographer based in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, but I work all over New England. Photography has been my biggest passion since I was a little girl. My father was a hobby photographer and I grew up with a dark room in my house. I watched him develop film for hours every week and from a young age I became obsessed with creative imagery, visual storytelling, and the power of freezing a moment with a photograph.


I come from a family of creatives


My brother is a director and director
of photography for commercials and documentaries (as seen here), my
sister is a passionate writer, and my
mother is an interior designer.

I left the corporate world to pursue
my passion for wedding photography.
I jumped all in, heart first, and I can't
tell you how grateful I am to do what
I love.

I grew up in New York City and I’ve
always had a passion for fashion.
For this reason, I think my approach
to wedding photography is fine-tuned
through an editorial eye. I also
capture the candid moments, the
details, and everything in between.
When I’m not photographing
weddings I love to travel. Before I
was a full-time photographer I
managed projects to fight


plastic pollution and climate change in
Alaska, South Africa, Panama, Maldives,
Paris and Jamaica. When I'm not documenting
the beauty of life you can find me traveling,
doing yoga, skiing, paddle boarding, being
a homebody, or hanging out with friends.

More of my background: I went to
University of Colorado at Boulder
and studied Business Administration.
I grew up in New York City, but have
lived in Maine, Connecticut, Colorado,
Australia, and Los Angeles. I moved
back to Maine in 2016 to be close
to family, the ocean, and to pursue
my photography career.

I’m currently living near Portland with
my sweetheart and our two dogs.




Alisha has been shooting weddings for over 6 years and has photographed over 80 weddings


Photography became a passion when I realized that I was able to create something truly meaningful for the people photograph. I'm blessed to be able to capture a moment for someone and see their faces light up. I want to create memories for people to share with one another. My top priority is to establish a connection with every person I photograph. I’m a huge people person.

I want you to see me as a long time friend. I’m your right hand woman, your trusted confidant, your support system. Every wedding is unique to the client.

I get to know my clients and go from there.
I'm a very emotion driven person behind the
camera. There is no picture more beautiful
than someone in love. I use my skills to
capture specifically that – the emotion,
the moment, and the connection with
each person I photograph.


Hannah’s work can be described as authentic, colorful and leans toward the film aesthetic. With a documentary and fine art approach I pay special attention to details which allows a unique story to develop through imagery. My work has been printed in Boston Common Magazine and in online publications including Let's Bee Together, Zola Unveiled, Lemonade and Lenses and Wedding Boston.

When Hannah’s not working, you'll find her gushing over interior design catalogs, learning copperplate calligraphy, spinning, hysterically crying at the latest rom-com and spending time with her main squeeze Jon.

She's always planning her next vacation and finds capturing different cities and cultures to be the most inspiring thing she can do. She's obsessed with big smiles, desert, flowers, white linens, straw hats, and the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans.


Hannah is a natural light photographer leveraging both digital and film to capture genuine moments.


I’m Olive

I spend most of my days chasing balls, being stubborn, swallowing food without chewing, making pig noises, and going on beach walks. My mom thinks she's the boss but she's not, I am. 


I strive to minimize my environmental footprint in business and in life. When I worked for Parley for the Oceans, I traveled the globe working on conservation projects in The Maldives, Paris, Jamaica, Alaska, and at the United Nations. I’m a lover of Mother Nature, traveling to cultures different from my own, and giving back to my local and global community.